How to book

step 1

Please choose your preferred dates on the Booking Form (on the website) and send it to me. If you have any questions, please use our Contact form (on the website) and send it to me.


step 2

Within two days after the form is submitted, I will send you a reply and confirm the lesson. If you do not receive any emails from me after two days, please submit the form again (in case there was a technical problem).

二日以内にお返事を致しますので、必ず確認メールが届いてから、”Payment” のページから振り込んでください。二日以内に返事が来ない場合は、お手数ですがもう一度お申し込み下さい。

step 3

After confirming with me, open the Payment page (on the website) , and pay by credit card. Then your booking will be completed.


step 4

After you have paid I will reconfirm our meeting time as well as our meeting point (Mon. – Roppongi Salon / Wed. Fri. Sat. – Azabu Salon). Each class will take approximately 2 hours and we will end the class after eating the sushi we make. I am looking forward to see everybody at the lesson.

振込みが終わったら、アクセスのページを見て、集合場所でお会いしましょう(月曜日・六本木サロン 水 金 土曜日・麻布サロン) 。レッスンは 約2時間です。作ったお寿司を食べて、終了です。