Ryoko Uruma Biography


biographyBorn in Tokyo, Japan and studies in the US for 1 year.
Worked in an US investment bank in Tokyo for four years.
Married a Japanese American and now a mother of 5 children.
Took hundreds of cooking lessons to try to become a better cook for the kids and now with more time, decided to pass on the cooking skill and joy of cooking to other people.

Currently running a home style cooking class under the brand name of “Gourmet Cooking Factory”.
Speaking in life style events for Japanese ladies

Currently appearing on TV introducing cooking appliance as well as writing columns in several magazines.



Japan Association of food preparation Instructor
Japan Cooking Skill upper level license
NPO Japan food education instructor
“La Fonte-Italian” food preparation diplomat
Japan food sanitation certificate
Japan Gourmet Navi (GuruNavi) official commentator