Sushi Class

Price:7,000円 +(Tax 560円)


Content of the lesson

  • The art and manner in enjoying Sushi.
  • Description and maintenance of utensils and supplies.
  • Recipe for Rice vinegar and sharing of pre-made rice vinegar options.
  • Proper way of handling a sushi knife.
  • Professional handwashing – like a sushi chef.
  • Cutting baked eggs (hands on experience)-how to slice baked eggs to place next to sushi in an attractive manner.
  • California rolls (reverse roll)
  • Hand rolls
  • Nigiri sushi
  • Gunkan maki
  • California roll / baked eggs come in handy for children’s lunch and picnics.
  • Miso soup, dessert, and green tea.
  • The lesson will finish after eating the sushi we make during the session.

※For the purpose of health hazards, there will be no sushi to take home.
please accept my apology in advance that the menu and the program can change depending on the availability of specific ingredients for the each session.

I apologize in advance for my limited English language skill.
There will be printed English instructions with pictures for everybody.

Due to my experience, there has been several times where a certificate of completion was requested.
If you are interested in recidivist a certificate do let me know and I will be able to furnish on for you.


  • お寿司の正しい食べ方・マナー・雑学。
  • 道具についての説明、メンテナンスの仕方。
  • 合わせ酢の作り方・・・手作りの方法と市販の便利な寿司酢もご紹介致します。
  • 美味しいシャリ(酢飯)の作り方。
  • 包丁の持ち方。
  • 寿司職人が実践している衛生的な手の洗い方。
  • 卵焼きの飾り切り(実践)・・・卵焼きを寿司の横に置いたときに、美しい形になるように切り込みを入れます。
  • カリフォルニアロール作り(裏巻き) 。
  • 手巻き寿司
  • 握り寿司
  • 軍艦巻き
  • カリフォルニアロールや卵焼きなどはお子様のお弁当やピクニックなどにも重宝します。
  • お味噌汁&デザート&お茶付き。
  • ご自分で作ったお寿司を食べてからレッスン終了です。






Mr.L.N.  (2016.Apr.16)
Great way to start making your own sushi!! Highly recommended!!



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